If you prefer making payment via visa or master card you had better add our website to white list in your credit card app. This can avoid payment failure.

Shipping policy

All prices of product are price excluding shipping cost.

Different modes of transportation have different prices and timeliness.

When you place an order, the website will calculate the freight amount based on the weight of your goods and the shipping method you choose.

For all modes of transportation, you need to clear customs by yourself.

For express delivery methods, we provide a 20-day guarantee.

We provide a 90-day guarantee for non-express shipping methods.

If you do not receive the package within the guaranteed time limit, we can provide refund or re-shipment service. This is your choice.

How to choose  shipping method?

DHL is suitable for high value parcels(300 uisd or more).  It is saftest and fastest. But you need pay customs fee by yourself.

Battery shipping is only shipping method for battery. If your order included battery you must choose battery shipping. In this case you'd better place two orders

THZXR/BKZXR is suitable for lower value parcels(100 uisd or less). You need not pay any extra fee.

Order Status Description

shipped ——————We have sent your package, you can find tracking number in website or email. DHL/UPS tracking  number  will induce three days later.

pick up  ——————Package arrived at local post office,  delivery station or be retained by customs

delivered   —————received your package (You can give us a feedback now)