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Best electric core BN57 Battery for POCO X3 NFC (only Deliver to some countries)

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product Description
Best electric core BN57 Battery for POCO X3 NFC (only Deliver to some countries)
We can send batteries to most countries in the world, but a few countries can't send batteries.
Please click seller guarantees on the right of the Feedback to see if your country can send battery.
If your country can't send batteries but you still buy them,we will only refund you 85% of the sum.
Battery shipping is only shipping method to send battery.
Each battery consists of three parts——electric core, shell and Circuit protection board.
This item has original electric core.
Compare to copy battery this battery has much more Battery capacity.
We use professional battery testing equipment(EBC-A10H) to test our battery one by one before shipped out.
The test steps are as follow:
1. Set Mode : D-CC Mode, Test Val : 0.2C, Cutoff Volt : 2.8V to discharge.
2. Set Mode : C-CV Mode, Test Val : 0.5C, Voltage : 4.45V, Cutoff Curr : 0.05 to charge, it normally takes about 2 hours to get charge capacity.
3. Set Mode : D-CC Mode, Test Val : 0.2C, Cutoff Volt : 2.75V to discharge, it normally takes about 5 hours to get discharge capacity.
Finally, we can judge whether the battery is normal and whether the capacity is sufficient by test duration, curve and test results.
Compatible with:
Battery Model: BN57
Battery Type: Li-ion,Li-polymer
Rated capacity: 5060mAh
Tested capacity 4962mAh (≈98% of rated capacity)
Voltage limit: 4.4V
Quality Grade: Best electric core + good quality Circuit protection board
Battery Country of Origin: ShenZhen,China
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