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Samsung Galaxy S4 good, HTC One slightly better

Samsung Galaxy S4 good, HTC One slightly better

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is finally out. But let’s dig a little deeper because the HTC One is only slightly more desirable than the Galaxy S4.



The newest Galaxy sports a 5-inch screen . It also uses the same Super AMOLED screen that produces bright images with deeper contrast and colors that pop. By comparison, the colors on the HTC One’s screen, which uses a liquid crystal display, are more natural.

The screen resolution is the same as the HTC One, 1920-by-1080 pixels, and the result is sharp, detailed pictures and video. But up close, it may not look quite as clear as on the HTC smartphone, particularly with text.



The phone uses a 1.9 gigahertz quad-core processor that is close in speed to the HTC’s. But unlike the HTC One’s always silky-smooth performance, the Galaxy S4 still stutters on some operations.



Perhaps the biggest difference between the phones, and a disadvantage for the Galaxy S4, is in the devices’ built-in speakers. The HTC One uses dual stereo speakers — the first phone of its kind to have them — with amplifiers.Samsung’s new phone, however, uses the same single speaker, which sounds thin by comparison. And it’s in the back of the phone instead of facing the user.

As for feel, the Galaxy S4 is thin and light, but the phone is made of plastic. The HTC One is made of a single piece of aluminum, and it feels substantial in the hand and is more durable.


Battery life is on par with both the HTC One and the iPhone 5. With the Galaxy S4, users can pop open the back cover and replace the battery with a fresh one, which isn’t possible with the HTC model.



The Galaxy S4 uses a 13-megapixel rear camera, and the results are stunning. Pictures are crisp, and the colors appear to be accurate. Video capture is also much better than previous Android phones. It also fares well in low-light situations, and there are a bevy of photo software features. It is basically a toss-up in picture quality between the Galaxy S4 and the HTC One, but both are slightly better than the iPhone 5’s camera.




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