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Mobile, Nokia Lumia 920T savior!

Mobile, Nokia Lumia 920T savior!

And China Mobile's cooperation is very important strategy of Nokia, the Chinese market has been to create a very profitable for Nokia. China Mobile is the largest mobile operators, as many as 700 million users. Faced with such a vast market, Nokia is a natural amount of attention.
Cooperation with China Mobile, is pushed open a door has 700 million customers room is open one can see the windows of the tens of millions of high-end customers, the launch of the Nokia Lumia 920T is also key to return to the peak of the market in China .
December 5, Nokia's first global concern WP8 phone Lumia 920 today officially landed in China, the machine is priced at 4,599 yuan, is expected during the year listed. It is worth mentioning that the Nokia channel marketing strategy has changed, customized by China Mobile in China starting.
Ever since Nokia and Microsoft, Nokia put all the focus on the Windows Phone. It is understood that, as of now, Nokia's global product sales Lumia series based on the platform has exceeded 10 million, is the world's swept the 920 all the way out of stock.
The market research firm IDC's latest report pointed out, Microsoft global smartphone operating system market share in 2016 will reach 11.4%, although the overall look is still not that much, but compared to the current market share of 2.6% is quite progress, and its market share in the growth rate of the smartphone operating system the fastest.
In contrast, Apple's iOS and Android slight decline to 2016 when the share will drop to 18.8% and 63.8%, from 19.1% and 68.3%, respectively. In addition, RIM's BlackBerry OS market share in 2016 compared to 4.1% in this year's slight rise of 0.6%, is generally stable.



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