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Difference of redmi note 4 and redmi note 4x

Difference of redmi note 4 and redmi note 4x

Redmi note 4 has MTK version and golobal version(Snapdragon 625/635).

Redmi note 4x has snapdragon version and MTK X20 version..

It is easy to distinguish.when you check your back housing cover.

Please count the holes in each side of the charging hole.


5 holes—— redmi note 4x snapdragon version/Redmi note 4 global version.

2552 and 1434 are same. They have frame front housing.

1246 has no frame front housing.

6 holes—— redmi note 4x MTX X20 version.

7 holes ——redmi note 4 MTX version.



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