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Version of the note 3

Version of the note 3

1: What version of the note 3?

note3 public version of the National Bank is divided into n9006, n9002 Unicom dual card version, n9009 Telecom customized version, n9008 mobile customized version.

Mainstream support for the international version is divided into 4g communication n9005, and 3g version of n900. Most Asian countries n900 majority, most European countries n9005 majority.

There are other various small public versions, such as the Korean version of n900k, n900l, n900s. U.S. version n900a, n900t, n900v, n900s.


2: note3 the 5420 processor, including what type?

5420 processor is used in n900 only.


3: Which cpu model is for which version of note3?

Samsung 5420 processor is used for n900, Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 is used for other versions.


4: Which type of note3 support 4g?

n905 support 4g, U.S. version, Korean version, Japanese version and other custom models support 4g,, The machines in China do not support 4g.


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