Notify all customers in Brazil leave your tax ID and ensure it is correct. Please enter your CPF or CNPJ code at the end of your registration information! It is essential for your Customs. This is a policy made by Brazil.



We are a service-oriented trading company So guarantee customers a good shopping experience is our responsibility. We usually ship within a week while maintaining quality. 

For cell phone parts, we tested one by one before shipment to make sure of the quality, specially for phone lcd screen and Complete Screen Assembly. We try the cell phone cases with dummy models for newest models. We have equal return policy for all the customers. 

While if an item or part is damaged during shipping from Seller to customer please do not open it. Please contact Seller immediately. Seller's liability for its shipments to customer



Dragon-T Electronic Limited (Dragon-T) usually has a period three months warranty for any flex cables, and LCDs, and other phone repair parts not installed improperly. Once these are installed on a phone we cannot guarantee it because we do not know if the installation was done properly. You can test the flex cable or other repair parts before the installation to make sure it is working fine (test outside of the phone so the cable is not bent). If the merchandise you purchased cant work wellyou can return them to us within three months.

Seller is not responsible for parts lost or damaged during shipment from customer to Seller. Customer is solely responsible for obtaining insurance for all returns to Seller.




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