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LG G3 outsells the Samsung Galaxy S5 in Korea

LG G3 outsells the Samsung Galaxy S5 in Korea

No doubt most person would expect the Samsung flagship to outsell its LG competitor, regardless of how good each of the devices is. And while that is most probably what's going to happen over their lifetime, the G3 scored a sweet victory in its home market.

Taking advantage of the trouble-ridden launch of the Samsung Galaxy S5 in South Korea, the LG G3 outsell its rival by a whopping 3 to 1 ratio in the first few days of its availability. According to Korean sources the Galaxy S5 sales over that period were in the 7,000 to 8,000 range, while the G3 ships 25,000 to 30,000 units each day.

The fact that Korean carriers had to launch the Galaxy S5 ahead of schedule due to the impending ban was certainly part of the explanation. Yet, the body of the LG G3 feels like metal, and its QHD screen with super-slim bezels have helped LG.

Hope that the LG G3 gains similar success in other markets. If so, then the pattern might change in the mobile phone market



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