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Sung combined with a number of companies to develop intelligent machine system Tizen

Sung will jointly including Intel and Docomo, including a number of companies to jointly develop a new smart phone operating system "Tizen", is expected to launch in 2013.
Google and Apple dominate global smartphone operating system market share as high as 90%. Companies such as Samsung and Docomo goal is to challenge the two companies.
Informed sources said, which smartphone operating system called "Tizen", is expected to pick system-based smart phones Samsung will next year on sale in Japan and other countries.
Google Android and Apple iOS platforms have a wealth of applications, and is easy to use. But for mobile operators, it is difficult to deploy their own services on these two platforms, such as the Docomo online shopping service.
In contrast, Tizen will open to the public, and promised to allow mobile operators to offer their services on the platform. Gartner data show that in the third quarter of this year, Android global market share of 72.4%, iOS 13.9%.
In addition Docomo, some European mobile operators are also added to the development Tizen camp, they worried that the market is dominated by two American companies.
Japan's three major mobile operators only Docomo has not yet signed a contract with Apple selling iPhone. Because of this, Docomo is the loss of a large number of users. Tizen, Docomo want to be able to reverse this unfavorable situation.
Tizen the main developers of Samsung and Intel, Docomo, Vodafone UK, France Telecom, Matsushita, NEC and several other European mobile operators will also be involved in the development.
Tizen is an open source operating system, the user can further develop or refine the system. In addition, the development and application of Tizen will be very simple.